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More Poems

Cool Stars

Dear Artist for Alice Notley

Poem "You arise from sleep"

Poem "More meat and sugar"

The Instructions

Poem in Praise of a Car




NY Skies for Steve Levine

The Appreciation of the Text for Allan and Cinda Kornblum

The Origin of Language

From the New World for Ralston Bedge

Siam Café

On the Accidental Music

Dog River News

The Single Backbone Country

Another River

The Wire

"awake to green"

The Concern

Poetry and Speech for Steve Levine and Gary Lenhart


Untitled "A crow, shadowbreaker"

Clear the Path


Exploded View

Morning Snow

A Letter

Like Gracie Allen

Poem "rural light"

Poem "A precursor to dusk"

Nature Symbolized

Flow and Assemblage


Trip Haiku

Flattop Journal

Clark and Lois


Chant de Bénoni Audet

The poem about clouds is finished, I think

Mysterious barricades