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Counselled by sleep, we cross the day's transom

Trade its lighted hours for ones we ransom

Chambers dark when we leave, dark at return

The skyline orange fimbriated, handsome

For a world that doesn't care what we earn.

Down these roads speed a thousand brushing cars

Each one heedless of the fading of the stars.

Sable night enfolds us, then unravels

The sun and the drivers begin their travels

The world has planted a seed, the dawn.

Unnoticed, not the least of its marvels

Is light shining through droplets on the lawn.

Morning rays flood the fields suddenly

Outlining the day that will be.

We drive on, follow familiar ways

Minds caught by radios, thoughts of the day's

Occupations, what we do pushes aside

The sun fully borne over the blue haze.

Then this absorption yields to the light outside

As the city emerges, more real,

We become aligned with what we see and feel