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Family Pictures
Dorothy Louise Audett Hanson 1917-2010
Fred T. Larson 1868-1944
Pamela Wilkes Audett 1948-2008
Harry and Nettie Hanson's honeymoon in Saugatuck, August, 1910
Spencer Guilfoil 1898-
John H. Guilfoil 1844-1915
Michael Guilfoil and Catherine Hogan Guilfoil
Guilfoils, Audetts, Oakleys
Caesar Seghers 1857-1892 and his family
Nicolas Audet dit Lapointe 1637-1700 and his descendants

Eugene J. Hanson marries Dorothy Louise Audett,

August 3, 1940

The farm through the years
Harry and Nettie Hanson's house at 5233 N. Magnolia, Chicago, Illinois
Letters to Bud 1942
The little mystery of William Audett 1854-1921
Florence Larson 1899-1958
Eugene J. Hanson reflects on his origins, May 4, 1985
Learning about the Stewarts (James Spencer Stewart 1844-1890 and Mary E. McAteer Stewart 1847-1923)
James and Dorothy Guilfoil Audett's family
Ingebor Hansen 1841-1918 and her family
Jonathan Force
Jim's talk, "A Tale of Two Weddings" presented to the Saugatuck-Douglas Historical Society on July 14, 2010