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These are some of my drawings, sketches and paintings.

Corner of the Garden watercolor of a corner of my dad's garden on the farm, around 1998
Tuesday Painters watercolors of Saugatuck-Douglas 2008 and 2009
mostly ink versions of pencil sketches, 2003 through 2013
Cityscapes pencil on graph paper, late 1980s
Texas Capitol watercolors, early 2000
Sketches of Norway pencil and watercolor, late June 2000
Deep North photo series, ink drawings, and linoleum print, 2005 through 2007
White Pines White pines behind my uncle Bud Audett's house in Gravenhurst, Ontario, July 2001
Key West drawings and watercolors from a couple visits
Collages a collage or two
New Mexico drawings, paintings, photographs from a visit in March 2011
Coconut Palm Studies Key West, November 2012
Quebec New York a sketchbook from a cruise from Quebec to New York, September and October 2013