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"awake to green"

awake to green

and gentle cicada

voices in wave

vanish into calm

across the gully

a fresh haze

blends dark green

shadows, fair

lighter green

in the open beyond

bluejays dart

through the

overhanging foliage

the deer live

secret lives

deep in the woods

birds and crickets

awake to green

a soft breeze moves

against leaf surfaces

woodpeckers hop up

a dying tree

in search of lunch,

single leaves quiver

in a mild, continual


an orchard

overgrown with ivy

awakes to green,

brightens into a greener,

paler prospect

trunks stand against

faraway light

oaks and sassafras

are revealed

the buzz of wings


brings the mind

to a greener place

the trees sway

to daybreak