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Three Numbers


Here's an electric brain

So labelled "An Electric Brain"

It cares for nobody.  Today

Machines are the horses

Regaling around the square.

Throngs applaud. 2 or 3 thousand

Years ago you said you loved me.

You said you were 13.  Babe, stranger things

Are coming thru the moments in between.


Have you ever felt totally clazy?

Have you ever thought about that, seriously

Without breaking up, completely

Suspicious?  Whose work are you using

When you turn on the light?

Who minds the coal

Which gives the power

To heat and light your room?

Who grew the cotton?  Who made

The sheets?  The blankets for the bed?

All organisms, it is clear

Have a certain number of needs.

Your number is 17.  In exchange for this

Each one of us has his own sort of work & worry

Whatever it is.  This is true

For most of us, if not all.

Thirsty millions can't be wrong.

Have you ever wondered about that?


It never ceases to amaze

"An Electric Brain"

But our time, er, era, it's too short

For that.  We wish

To leave our blues "to home" and go

Where that ephemera

Amazement, exists

Among the pleasanter objects

Of our everyday life:

A clear skinned beauty,

One utility desk lamp,

The psychic aura of a simple rock,

A soldier beetle walking across

The petals of a button blazing star,

The stars.  They're ageless.

We're 22.  We want to tell you all about it

copyiright 1976 by Steve Levine and Jim Hanson.