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The Guilfoils on the farm, 1920s


Nearly all the children of Albert Guilfoil (1867-1953) and Grace Stewart Guilfoil (1873-1940), and some of the grandchildren, outside the little house on the farm on the river road between Douglas and Fennville, Michigan, in the 1920s.  From left to right, Walter Overend (1920-2005), Joseph Albert Audett (1920-2001), Dorothy Louise Audett Hanson (1917-2010), June Smith Connor (1913-2000), Mary Grace Guilfoil Oakley (1911-1997), Richard Guilfoil (1908-1968), Estelle Guilfoil Robbins (1905-1982), Ruth Guilfoil Smith Overend Haubroek (1894-1928), Dorothy Guilfoil Audett (1897-1956), Albert Guilfoil Jr. (1903-1965), John H. Guilfoil (1901-1982).  Of the children of Albert and Grace living at that time, only one son is missing, Spencer.