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In a Wind Tunnel

for Gary Engelman

Stop grinning, headhunter

I've been terribly alone   Can't you read

I need a place to rest hungry bootless mantled


The pyramids are in control they get wise

Messages become plastic and melt

Like angels overcome by

The city strength and whiteness


The forests were destroyed

We grew like volcanoes' flora hereabouts


On the streets of Tripoli city of hum

The tempest the loveliness


At Maui they danced a   (we can't tell you what)


Roadblocks school bus Texas you found your way

Over Montezuma's deodorant nuclear family

And Miss Mexican Beer


Her tail lights flickered...that was Rome

City of fish instincts


I pulled out of there my dear

The oldest astronaut in Manhattan

I fell down killing me


copyright 1975 Steve Levine and Jim Hanson