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Freeing the Monads

Everything clusters, myotic, the keys fit

or the keys don't fit & everything comes

apart, the addresses, so sacred, meld

& blend into recent years.  This is

a graph of energy not shape

a harp not a shamrock

weeds said to be eaten by a swine

we like music

the blues are in the bay being taken

white marlin, faster than prize money

charge the spray as it curls

its blond eruptions into the green surf.

The easiest way to tell a bluegrass band

from an oldtime band is by listening

to the noises they make between sets

the sound of Tennessee whiskey

& banjos stood up against the wall

at the crazy terminus between the frets.

Foment haunted reveries behind blind lilacs

that dryly between the Wednesdays rasped.

Imitation happiness is better than no energy

Now that you're free, go away


copyright 1979 Jeff Wright and Jim Hanson