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Crossing Market Square

Imaginary leaves rustle everyone in yellow overcoats the

Very rich specimens of the poor .  A specimen day

The election impelling everyone across under sheltered skies

People as free as leaves   The days of beautiful rakes

the elegant ones UPSTATE HARDWARE days of my favorite rusty

rake from out of the garage .

Bare trees grey light a perfect day coast to coast

Close to holy polling at the grade school .

And the leaves

                 lifting their hands like the departed albatross

Leaves interacting like feathers

Gathering in the playground of holy drama

Outside one of the rooms in which all America is gathered

Very rich dogs romp among the plenty acorns   boars have willingly

given up their tusks to muzzle the dogs this Indian Summer

The birds will return.  No complaints.

No complaints withal .

copyright 1976 John Sjoberg and Jim Hanson