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Eggs Over Easy

One of these mornings

I remember everything now

The table is steel

And so are these chairs

A kitchen

It is all stainless and steam

The shades are drawn

Last night I dreamed

The skies above China

Alone they don't change

The flying tigers

What color were they

Our hearts' wings beat

You were my destiny

As well as my destination

But now

I am the smoke

I am the clear mountain

I am the air all around it

The road is quiet

The pavement sleeps

Breakfast in the trailer

On the zone border

8 A.M. Eternal Dream Time

The clouds lacked yolks

As you poured my coffee

Walking in a daze of bright stars

How well you managed that effect

Happy to be pouring it in my cup

There are jungle plants here

The bright spaces alternate with darkness

You know I'm wasted

And encased in plastic

Home is where the hearts are

You're here

And I am too

It's dawn

Time to sing