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In The Light

issues and contents

Number One August 1975
Cover drawing Jim Hanson
“Padgett’s Rule” title drawing David Key
"MEPOG" drawing David Key
Five Poems Jim Hanson
Four Poems Steve Levine
Up and Left Ron Padgett
Padgett’s Rule Ed Sanders
Three Poems Simon Schuchat
Looking for Spain Steve Hamilton, Simon Schuchat and Jim Hanson

Number Two February 1976
Cover photo Gary Engleman
Associate Editor Steve Levine
Three Poems Dick Gallup
This Story Steve Levine
In the Car Living Blues Steve Levine
Four Poems Allan Kornblum
Three Poems Jim Hanson
Four Poems Alice Notley
Three Poems Jeffrey V. Johnson
Two Chapters from “Clear the Range” Ted Berrigan
Three Poems Henry Kanabus
Hazel John Sjoberg
Two Poems Simon Schuchat
Whim It To Do It Jim Hanson and Steve Levine

Number Three March 1977
Cover drawing David Key
Night Neil Hackman
From Letters Neil Hackman and Rose Lesniak
Seven Poems Steve Toth
Seven Monk Poems Art Lange
Five Poems Simon Schuchat
Flying Fish Liz Zima
Four Poems John Sjoberg
Parables and Performance Pieces Arnold Aprill
Two Poems Joffre Stewart
Twin Cities Airport Allan Kornblum
Six Poems Chuck Miller
Eight Wishes Rose Lesniak
Extra Light Darrell Gray and Steve Toth

Number Four March 1978

Cover drawing "Mooses" by John Sjoberg

Four Poems Cinda Kornblum
Five Sections from “over there by the hibiscus” Anselm Hollo
Four Poems Jim Hanson
Message to the Country Steve Levine
Three Works John Yau
Three Poems Paul Hoover
Four Poems Andrew G. Carrigan
Three Poems David Cope
Sifting through my purest affections Maxine Chernoff
Two Poems John Sjoberg
Big Spoons Jim Hanson and Steve Levine

Number Five/Six Actual Plays
Cover drawing (“Between now and then") Jeff Levine
Pastoral Darrell Gray and Allan Kornblum
The Talking Kitchen Allan Kornblum and Steve Toth
I Love Lucy Sheila Heldenbrand and Steve Toth
Bob Darrell Gray, Allan Kornblum and Jim Mulac
The Columbus Expedition Advance Man Allan Kornblum and Jim Mulac
Star Gazers Dave Morice
The Brick Apartment Allan Kornblum and Jim Mulac
Nature and the Vacuum Allan Kornblum and Jeff Wright
Base of the Skull Elizabeth Zima
A Light Draw Dave Morice
Backyard Darrell Gray and Jim Mulac

Number Seven 1980
Cover drawing a Tlingit petroglyph
Seven Poems Rochelle Kraut
Five Poems Bob Rosenthal
Two Poems Jim Hanson
Fourteen Poems Josephine Clare
Six Poems Andrew G. Carrigan
Two Days from a Journal Greg Masters
Five from "Employment of the Apes" Jeff Wright
Thirteen Poems Elizabeth Eddy
Two Poems Laura Weinstein
Nine Poems Gary Lenhart
Six Poems Walter Hall